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Tempting the Deputy. Lindsay Armstrong. Melissa McClone. Leah Ashton. Taming the Beast. That is till she discovers she's the subject of an office bet. Distraught she's having a crying jag in the ladies toilet, that's where Harry the office Romeo finds her, she doesn't tell him about the bet she's discovered, but she does confide that her life consists only of her job. He offers to help her get back on the first step of the dating ladder. After thinking it over she decides that she can use Harry as a guide for the sort of man to avoid.

She just needs to study his methods, so that in future she can recognise and avoid the players like him. This is an above average story for this publisher. The author has a very pleasing writing style. While I liked Alice immediately, Harry was a little more difficult to connect with, he wasn't a very nice man. I was surprised Alice who seemed very on the ball didn't put two and two together. But I did enjoy Alice and Harry's relationship there were moments of humour and sadness. Of course it's obvious what's going to happen and I was totally looking forward to a Harry getting his comeuppance.

Jun 03, Lila Hunter rated it really liked it Shelves: format-english. My view This book starts a little predictable and the first two chapter sounded a little repetitive, but after that the author redeemed herself. The story is common in love romance novels, but the author gave it a refreshing spin. The relationship between the characters develop in front of the reader. Both characters are believable and well written.

The book has fun, as well as dramatic scenes. Everything happening in the story has a reason and no ends are left loose. Several misunder My view This book starts a little predictable and the first two chapter sounded a little repetitive, but after that the author redeemed herself.

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Several misunderstandings happened, that may put of some readers. In general, the book is sweet, sexy and witty. The author did a good job moving the story along. The only downfall was the lack of passion between the characters. It needed a little bit more built up, chemistry between them. I wanted more of I wanted more sizzle between the main characters.

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Who should read it Anyone looking for a good afternoon read. Rate 4 out of Aug 05, Book Reading Gals rated it really liked it Shelves: romance. So, when she discovers that she's the target of an office bet—to get her into bed—it's her professional nightmare! Office legend Harry Stephens is her unlikely savior.

After all, it takes one to know one…. Thoughts: This was one of those quick reads - not too much too much to keep up with in story, not too many characters, not too much intrigue. The storyline is slightly predictable - after all, we can pretty much guess that Harry Stephens is in on the office bet - and that he will fall in love with Alice and end up getting caught out in his ploy.

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However, in Harry's defense, he did try to back out of the bet in the end. I enjoyed how the author described Alice. And the details that happened in her past to make her the way she is. I also liked how Alice went into the relationship with her eyes open - she knew about the bet, and even suspected that Harry might be a part of it. But her reactions were different once her heart became involved. But one thing about Alice - she can admit her own faults. I found that really likeable in her character. I had trouble buying Harry as a 'playboy' - I just didn't get that vibe from him While he did sleep with most of the girls in the office, and he was sometimes harsh in his break-up technique - for me, he just didn't seem the typical playboy.

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All in all, I enjoyed the story and it was a quick, light-hearted read. This and other reviews can be found on my blog, My Written Romance. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When she discovers that some of the men in the office have a book running on who can crack her shell and get her into bed, the memories of the past come flooding back.

Problem is, she has unknowingly picked the ringleader of the bet, office Lothario Harry Stephens, to be her test case.