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How does green make you feel? How does blue make you feel? How does purple make you feel? How does black make you feel? How does white make you feel? How does yellow make you feel? How does brown make you feel?

Basic English Vocabulary: COLORS

How does grey make you feel? What do you think of orange? Do you think different cultures have different meanings for colors? What do the different colors mean in your culture? Do you associate any colors with specific items, numbers, or letters not usually associated with color?

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Can you think of different idioms or expressions involving color? What's a "black and white" matter. What does it mean to "see red"?

What does it mean to "feel blue"? What does it mean to "be yellow"? What's a "black tie affair"? What does it mean to be "blacklisted"? What does it mean to be "the black sheep in the family"? How many colors are in the rainbow?

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What are they? What colors are on your national flag?

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What's the best color for a car? What's the best color for a house? What do you think is the best color for lens in sunglasses? What's the color for passion? What's the color for hatred? What's the color for happiness? What's the color for sadness? What's the color for anger? What's the color for death? What's the color for jealousy? I decided to take it to the ground. At that point, we knew it would be an undulating city in the grass, and the word carpet kept coming up.

DK: What about the palette? I want the thing to live, to go through me and come out the other end. People sometimes think I work with found objects, but that is not the case: each element is created in the studio. A lot of times in the studio, rather than use something found, I will mimic something found. DK: How did you approach the challenge of siting City in the Grass in a public park? My philosophy is that you as the viewer should be allowed to find yourself in the work. Here I took that one step further by allowing the public physically to collaborate in making the piece.

DK: Were you working on this commission at the same time as the pieces for the show at Galerie Lelong? LD: Yeah, and about five other things. Usually I have about seven things going. DK: What are the materials used in the towers? When I visited Cuba, people were living in these magnificent buildings that are falling apart because nobody has the ability to repair them. The salt water is just eating away at these magnificent structures. Each one of these towers is part of those experiments with different materials, which I began working on last September.

DK: Did you sketch City in the Grass first? I made studies for the folks who had to bend the metal and stuff like that, and I had to figure out a gigantic paint-by-numbers for the carpet designs. So I literally had to go and draw all the information, and then we put that into a computer so we could laser cut the design armature.

The way you see colour depends on what language you speak

DK: And then you put sand on top? LD: Exactly. The carpet is a mixture of sand and latex paint. DK: Aside from the kids outside your studio, were there other influences in making City in the Grass? DK: Is this your first foray into figuration as a mature artist? LD: When you say figuration…. DK: It is fairly figurative. No, honestly, there are no rules at this point in my art life. Early on the baggage was that I was too facile, I was using my talent as a crutch.

My beginning was illustration, comic books and stuff like that. I found it. Why did you change it? What color did you go?

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What colors are the uniforms of your favorite sports team? Do you like the uniforms? Does anything make you see red? What kind of behavior makes you really angry? What is the best color for a fast sports car?

Colors Conversation Questions

Some people believe a red sky at night indicates the weather will be good the next day. Do you agree with them? How do you describe the color of your skin? Do you do anything to make your skin lighter or darker? Which country has the best combination of national colors?