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Maybe have each child try to find the most unusually shaped rock, or something like that. You might try growing things in containers so they can help plant, water, and watch them grow. It's challenging, but if it's on your mind, you will notice little ways to incorporate nature in their play, even if right now it isn't as unstructured as you would like Maybe just take a toy kitchen out into the back yard one day. Stop to look at the tiny flowers on the sticker weeds or the ants running in and out of their hills.

I love NM! I grew up in Albuquerque, NM, and lived there for a little bit of time while my kids were small.

I do have to say after living in the south, east coast, and New England, NM has one of the best climates in the U. You are in a great place for outdoor adventure. I would go to various parks, but one of my favorite places to go to was the botanical gardens. I would spend hours there walking around and having a picnic with my kids.

That of course would be once in awhile trip. At home I would have them hangout in the backyard or I would go out front with them and color on the sidewalk with chalk. We also had a bug catcher, so that kept my son busy in our yard. It can be a challenge depending on your immediate surroundings, but I find it all pays off making the effort to get outside.

Good luck!

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And I am sure you are already doing great! First off Mama Bear , you rock!

Getting your trio outside is a challenge. Is it possible to join a Cub Scout group? It would not be a daily thing but it will help them enjoy being outside. It should also help with acceptance.

Travel with Children

I remember 1 Scout meeting hearing the scouts describe their camping and hiking. Each Scout remembered things differently. My son stood up and started off about he saw things from a different viewpoint. He too has CP , and falls, a lot. His troop supported him, and he them. HIS son just got his Eagle Scout award. However on a daily basis you need more.

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A safe area. A gathering spot. Perhaps a large umbrella or gazebo. Someplace outside where they can see the blue sky, feel the warm earth beneath their feet, feel how nature makes you feel. Breathe Mama, you need the same thing as you. Tell them what you need, your vision for an outside space for your children.

Many times they need a service task, let them take the ball and roll with. Our family has also relocated to make sure our boys have a place to get outside and explore and play. I live in the high desert in California so I understand your struggle.

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I can tell you it is doable to get your kids outside more. In the summer my kids live in their swim trunks and rash guards. I hose them down down to cool them off and repeat when they ask for it. They have observed plenty, even in the desert. Honestly it makes them even more observant. It may never be a lush garden, but it can be a place that your kids can have a blast playing house, building forts, and playing in the mud. In the summer they are out it the early morning and early evening. I have the opposite problem we have so much rain that mosquitoes are such an issue.

My son has eczema so he can't wear sunscreen so we tried to get out early in the morning before it gets too hot or late at dusk, but mosquitoes are so bad and he can't wear bug spray either. I would suggest putting up some poles for clothes lines and wrapping some sheets around them to let the kids play in the shade. Give the kids some white or chocolate milk and a baggie of cereal and have a picnic outside for breakfast or go to the creek like you said, at least that would cut down on the dishes. I saw the previous post about moving to be rude without thinking about your financial situation if you do not have family around help you with your children, moving to a different area made really benefit your children with special needs.

Although I love living in a rural area there are so many advantages of living in a city where you can go in a stroller to a park everyday or walk to a library. You would also be closer to your specialist which is one reason why we considered moving because our nearest children's hospital is two and a half hours away. You might consider a visit to a local bike shop They will be a thoughtful and interested party in your corner and will be able to set the adults up with bikes that will be able to pull trailers or mounted seats for the kids of all ages and abilities.

They will work with your budget and probably have a really good idea for used or loaner equipment from their pool of rider friends. Not much else is as immersive as biking. Your health and stamina will grow as will the kids, passive riders thought they may be, There are group rides that will match your ability and requirements with others.

At What Age Should Children Be Allowed to Go Places Without Adult Supervision? - The New York Times

I think you will find the biking community to be hugely supportive for you in your circumstance. It just might be come your favorite mode of getting outside! You may have to visit several bike shops to find just the right emphasis among the personnel Tia, I actually grew up in the desert in Arizona. I have to say, as an adult now I miss it and have the best memories of playing outside. The desert can be just as fun. You adapt to your environment. I would have never known what to do with grass and tons of green as the desert was all I knew. I can assure you, I had fun!

Hours and hours my brothers and I That dirt can be fun. We played with those prickly little stickers. Collected them from everywhere. We even played with the cacti. Hi Tia: I have an adult friend who has a severe nuerological disease that keeps her wheel chair bound. I suggested to her once to enlist some help from her wide network of acquantances.

It was a complex plan that provided her with friends and helpmates that helped her to enjoy her life while allowing them to give of theirs. They took her places and did all kinds of activities with her from cooking to movies. As for you, I think you could use some help. Do you have any kind of network, church family, or neighbors? If you let people know, they WILL show up if you have a good plan. You need consistency. In this way you can specifically request friends and companions to engage in outdoor activities with you and your children so that you can explore with all of them.

You have received many good simple suggestions for things to do with your children. I love any kind of art project, any kind of sensory project, sounds, musical explorations. And to address your landscape, children adore rocks. Let them play with rocks and sticks, imagine being wizards, make up games. We love to look at the shapes of leaves in the fall. I loved to pretend I was cooking with bits of grass, rocks, chinaberries, leaves, even once, pieces of cactus. It is an awesome responsibility to teach a child. I find that being prepared with things to do when their imagination lags is helpful but letting them lose also has great benefits, especially if they can't get back in the house and are forced to invent, talk, tickle, wrestle, sing, collect things, and be free to imagine.

Don't forget, people need to be asked when you need help. No one wants to overstep and somehow inadvertently suggest that you aren't capable but they might just need what the opportunity to help gives back to them. Friends,must help you! Are there any agencys,or networks,of people,to help you?

Televised videos,of planet earth,and nature documentarys,could be a decent substitute There is always rope! If cps shows up,at your door,you should have a statement to be voiced,w witnesses,that would shame them into early retirement,or grave! I live in West Texas.