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In his collecting and exhibiting activities, Schmeller continued in the footsteps of Hofmann. This was a loose group of artists who had studied at the Chicago Art School and were influenced by surrealism, art brut, comics, and pop culture. Of all the art movements of the s and s, op art has hitherto received the least attention.

Often it is denigrated as being too spectacular and superficial. Karikatur von Paul Peter Porges Inv. They were all born in Vienna and were driven out of their home town after the Anschluss in , and they all managed to make lives and careers for themselves as artists in their new homes. Bil Spira — was a portraitist, cartoonist, and talented forger, who helped many people persecuted by the Nazis to escape to freedom. Die Szenen erscheinen traumhaft unwirklich und evozieren zumeist elegisch melancholische Stimmungen.

Peter Doig paints representational pictures as though they were abstractions. His spellbinding compositions combine planar forms and a palette that is as bold as it is nuanced with vivid painterly gestures. Many of his works show landscapes—the reflective surface of a pond, shadowy figures trudging through snow, the dense foliage of a tropical forest.


Suffused with a sense of dreamy unreality, the scenes often evoke a mood of elegiac melancholy. His most recent work shows a growing interest in the human figure. Mark Rothko vor seinem Bild No. Kunsthistorisches Museum presents for the first time in Austria an exhibition dedicated to the great American artist, Mark Rothko. Rothko undertook three extensive trips to Europe, visiting as many churches, architectural monuments, and museums as he could.

Art and architecture of the recent and more distant past are a vigorous presence in his work. Ellsworth Kelly, Blue Curve , Oil on canvas. With a selection of works from our collection, this exhibition presents different lines of development in painting from the s to the s. The s saw a radical shift and break with tradition in the fundamentals of painting in favor of new media-based forms of art.

Key impulses came from minimal art and conceptual art.

Their sober principles are reflected in abstract and geometrical painting with its formally reduced compositions and its rejection of narrative and illusionist representation. At the same time, painting explored its own relationship to space and to perception. In Eastern Europe from the s there was increased reception of constructivist modernism, as a counter to socialist realism and in the course of post-Stalinist liberalization.

Analytical trends are seen in contemporary painting in Austria as a sign of its international intentions. Ed Ruscha has been one of the most influential American artists since the s; his groundbreaking work has shaped our understanding of contemporary art. Disavowing the gestural painting of American abstract expressionism, he devised a creative practice between minimalism, Pop art, and conceptualism. Research, innovation, and experimentation as well as the emphasis on critical reason rather than emotional involvement define his style. The joint exhibition of the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam will explore Kabbalah in its widest sense: its historical developments including classical Kabbalah, early Jewish mysticism, practical Kabbalah and magic, as well as its modern offshoots in art and popular culture.

The exhibition follows the traces and impacts the Kabbalah left in all forms of modern art painting, sculpture and design , literature, film and music classical, popular. Ihre seit Ende der er-Jahre kontinuierlich gewachsene Sammlung gibt einen einmaligen Blick auf die Entwicklung der Gegenwartskunst seit den er-Jahren.

Their collection has been constantly growing since the late s, and it provides an incomparable view of the development of contemporary art from the s onward. This is a progressive statement on behalf of contemporary art that is anchored in social issues and sees itself as a form of communication. In her new installation for steirischer herbst, artist Henrike Naumann takes this implausibility a step further. Naumann, who grew up in the East German town of Zwickau, famous as one of the hotbeds of the NSU National Socialist Underground far-right terror group, imagines an alternate-history scenario for German reunification where the wave of popular sentiment floods over to Austria, which suddenly decides to join a newly-united Germany….

French composer and sound artist Pierre Sauvageot takes the risk of connecting these two meanings together. The unusual placing of a classical orchestra on balconies makes unexpected orchestral effects possible: different floors communicate with one another, melodies travel from window to window, rhythms are interrupted by staircases, repeating from music stand to music stand. Music from classical instruments connects with noises, sounds and conversations between people who live in the building. The American artist R. This focal shift generates unforeseen legibilities, and connections — we are accustomed to looking at paintings as if they were invisibly bracketed in mysterious isolation bubbles divided from physical and temporal surroundings.

Das Intime und Erogene beeinflusst, wie wir leben, was wir kaufen und wie wir uns bewegen.

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We are constantly surrounded by images of sexual bodies — on posters and in magazines, on television and on the internet. The intimate and the erogenous influence the way we live, what we buy and how we move. She shrouds her fifteen dancers in blue full-body suits, contrasting the deluge of images of naked skin and explicit eroticism with an abstract image. Oder anders gesagt: Kino. Since , when he realized his first Walks, the urban landscape traversed on foot has been a central topos of his artistic practice. His actions and performances often spawn a range of associated works and media.

His extensive and diverse oeuvre encompasses videos, drawings, paintings, photographs, performances, and sound pieces.

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Even though bunkers and shelters are protective buildings, meant to hold off immediate danger from people, these places are surrounded by an aura of distress. The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. In addition, we have included websites of international organizations such as the European Union. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.

So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation.

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Working area : The group aimed to develop a historical and systematic description of the relationship between structuralistic narratology and its successors, the so-called hyphenated narratologies. Field research ; documentation of rock art ; publications ; development and application of concepts for the documentation and analysis of rock art ; development of programs and concepts for research. Regional focus: www.

Die Aufgabe bestand darin, einen Film mit einer einzigen Rolle Super-8 zu drehen, ohne dabei die Kamera zu bewegen. Das Resultat ist eine Art poetisch-kinematografischer Einzeiler, der den strukturalistischen Geist seiner Zeit atmet. Eve Heller www. The assignment was to make a film using one roll of Super 8 film, without moving the camera. It is in tune with the structuralist spirit of the day - to my surprise.

Seen from this perspective, the informal sector is perceived as entirely separate from and independent of the formal sector. The legalistic perspective sees the informal sector as the sum of all the small entrepreneurs who are excluded from the formal sector because of excessive costs and bureaucratic hindrances.

His works explore and alternate between different media and institutional contexts, combining techniques of structuralist experimental film with approaches of documentarism and spatial design. They have been on show at numerous international film and video art festivals, in galleries, theatres and concert halls in Europe, the US, Mexico and Nigeria. Picture Again legt Wert auf strukturalistische Durchformung, auf musikalische Rhythmisierung der Bilder, ohne auf das Rauschhafte verzichten zu wollen. A few birds flutter like birds of prey through an old horror film.

Picture Again values a thorough structuralist formation, musical rhythm of the images, without refraining from the ecstatic. Ihre Performances, Film und Videoinstallationen, Papier- und Textilarbeiten, sowie Schriften zeugen von ihrer konzeptuellen wie poetischen Auseinandersetzung mit Sprache, die sie als wichtigste Grundlage ihres Werks ansah. In der von ihr herausgegebenen Anthologie Apparatus, Cinematographic Apparatus publizierte sie beispielsweise eine ihrer eigenen Textarbeiten, Commentaire.

Theorieprobleme des Wissensmanagements

Her performances, film and video installations, paper and textile works, as well as writings bear witness to her conceptual and poetic confrontation with language, which she considered the most important base of her work. Her comprehensive, intellectual education manifested itself in the attempt to realize structuralist language theory and French film theory through art. In Apparatus, Cinematographic Apparatus, an anthology that she edited in the s, for example, she published one of her own text pieces, Commentaire. In analogy to the post-structuralist concepts of superimpositions and overlaps, it is a matter of testing forms of subjectification that suggest a development from "universal" to "specific intellectuals". Vortragsreihe: www. For this purpose, he analyzes migration history, religion and everyday culture of Mennonites, galician Ucrainians, Poles, Dutch and Russian-Germans, the research of which is done in collaboration with other institutes.

His theoretical work centers mainly around the geography of cultures , which is based on phenomenological and poststructural approaches.