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If you explore our churchyards and cemeteries today you will be astonished at how much you can discover, not only about the people who are buried there and their standing in the local community, but also about the history of this area. Trevor Yorke explains burial practices down the ages and details the development of the churchyard and the cemetery. He looks at the period styles of gravestones, tombs and memorials and the shapes and features that help to date them.

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Using a wide range of photographs and line illustrations, he examines the carvings and symbols that can be found and offers clues to their possible meanings. Seller Inventory AAU Book Description Countryside Books.

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Books ship from the US and Ireland. Seller Inventory V New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Seller Inventory B Book Description Condition: New. Not Signed; If you explore our churchyards and cemeteries today you will be astonished at how much you can discover, not only about the people who are buried there and their standing in the local community, but also about the history of this area. Trevor Yorke explains burial practices down the ages and details. Condition: Brand New.

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Seller Inventory P Book Description Countryside Books Okt , Condition: Neu. Neuware - If you explore England's churchyards and cemeteries, you will be astonished at how much you can discover, not only about the people who are buried there and their standing in the local community, but also about the history of the area. He looks at the period styles of gravestones and tombs, and the shapes and features that help to date them. Seller Inventory Trevor Yorke.

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Synopsis About this title A concise well-illustrated guide to the types of funerary memorials to be found in the churchyards of England. About the Author : Trevor Yorke is an experienced author and artist who specialises in period architecture. Buy New Learn more about this copy. The design is the most important aspect of the process and is never a decision to be taken lightly.

The inscription is one of the most important parts of a gravestone. Inscriptions are almost always carved directly into the gravestone. Sometimes inscriptions can be created on ceramic or zinc plaques and attached to the gravestone. Make it as personal and meaningful to them as possible. These common phrases are short and can work very well either on their own or in conjunction with other, more personal epitaphs:.

Writing a poem about your loved one allows you to express your sorrow in a creative and dignified manner such as. Examples include:. There are certain rules and regulations that you must be aware of regarding burials. For example, in churchyards, to erect a gravestone, permission must be obtained from the Vicar by submitting a CR1 application. Similarly, in the case of council run cemeteries, gravestone applications relevant to the individual authority must also be submitted for permission.

Most memorial services will process this application on your behalf once you pay a deposit for their services. A cemetery is usually owned by the local council, and while there may be a building of worship within the grounds, they are not churches. Cemetery regulations allow more freedom when it comes to design, size, shape, material, colour and inscription.

They are also open to everyone, regardless of faith. In a churchyard the land is usually owned by the adjoining or neighboring church. Churchyard rules may differ throughout the UK. Although these rules may seem restrictive, you can overcome them by applying for special permission. While churches strive to continue traditions, they do positively encourage creativity.

The exact cost of a gravestone will vary according to the size, material, colour, finish, lettering and design. Granite is the most widely available material, making it the cheapest in comparison to bronze and other stones. However, some colours are only quarried in small amounts, which can make them more expensive. Delivery and installation is often included in the price.

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Delivery charges may be added to the bill if an order falls short of a certain price or is outside of a proposed radius. Although all gravestones are unique, specific bespoke services can also vary in price. Some memorial services will offer payment plans to help ease the pressure. Local stonemasons may also agree to these terms if you speak with them directly and explain your situation. A good example of spreading the payments is where a stonemason takes a small deposit at the time of order, i.

It should be noted that the manufacture of your gravestone will only commence once permission has been received from the cemetery or church.

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Manufacture typically takes 10 weeks after which the gravestone will be fixed. Any remaining payments will usually be made either just before fixing or within the week or two that follows. Burial ground fees can also significantly vary depending on the churchyard and cemetery. These fees will cover the cost of excavation, matting and cemetery staff attendance. Additional burial fees may be required if you want the grave to be in a specific place.

Burial ground fees can also change depending on the size of the grave, age of the deceased, and whether or not you are a local resident. Your stonemason will normally arrange for the payment of fees on your behalf but it must be noted that they are not included in the cost of the gravestone.

Gravestones are usually erected six to twelve months after the burial but this time can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. For example; some cemeteries will already have laid a concrete Raft or Beam which runs along the head ends of a line of graves. In these cases a gravestone an upright headstone can be ordered as soon as it suits the bereaved family as there is no need to wait for settlement of the grave.

Conversely, if permitted, a full kerbed type of gravestone one with edging that covers the whole grave , is best not installed for at least 12 months following the burial.

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Headstone

In the case of interment of ashes, virtually no settlement time is required due to the relatively small nature of the hole that has to be cut into the grave. Whilst families can often be very keen to have the gravestone installed, it is best not to have it fixed earlier than is recommended by the stonemason.

The gravestone to a loved one will be there for a long time and if it means that the installation will just miss an important date First anniversary of the death or a birthday etc , this should be accepted as the longer you give the grave the chance to settle, the greater the chances are that the gravestone will remain stable and upright. Your stonemason will always fix the gravestone in the most suitable way you must remember that they cannot control the movement of ground!

Non-accredited masons and fixers will be unable to work in any cemetery which has signed up to one or other of these schemes. BRAMM was formed in to promote a higher standard of memorial construction. All of their licensed fixers have passed a written and practical test to prove their competence in the fixing of memorials. Gravestones will often deteriorate over time due to weathering; however, there are various preservation and cleaning techniques that you can use to help increase longevity and limit the effects of discolouration.

Conservair is a consolidator made by a company named Prosoco. It will penetrate into the surface of gravestones and help re-bond their structure. Most sealants will hold moisture in voids, which can cause expansion and further damage; however, Conservair will fill these voids and prevent moisture from building up.

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Conservair is only effective for use with sandstone, limestone and marble. For the most effective result, consolidators should be applied to gravestones before they are erected. However, these chemicals are not recommended as they can trap moisture and cause adverse effects.