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On an elementary school playground, a boy threatens to tell on the girls for swearing—unless one of them kisses him. Before lips can touch, Kyeoung tackles the boy to the ground, but the victory is short-lived. And shadows is seen, not heard. When Father announces the family is moving to Louisiana, the children face uncertain futures. Do they dare come out of the shadows? A testament to the enduring power of the human spirit. Using structural elements of choral music and theatrical magic, EVENSONG is a tale of survival, growth, and faith in moments of loneliness and solitude.

Abigail Bauer, a New Orleans native and resident, must confront the clash between the life she has created with her long-term girlfriend and her career as a devoted teacher in a repressive Catholic school. Through her struggle, Abigail receives pressure from the school's shape-shifting, personified P. System and guidance from the figures of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Roosevelt's devoted lifelong friend and once lover, Lorena Hickok. Quintana's inspired play combines present and past and shines a light on the importance of following your own path.

Life on a Haudenosaunee reservation in upstate New York is simple but bleak. Money is scarce and suicide rates are high.

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In exchange, the company will build the factory on tribal land, offer jobs and share profits. Soon, loyalties are divided, as is the Rez.

The Mayor leaves town, leaving the newly arrived Indian boarding school superintendent, Captain Angelo, in charge. Angelo orders Momaday, a young Pawnee boy, to be hanged for impregnating his love. Angelo agrees in exchange for her chastity. Isabel and Madame Overdone hatch a plan: the dancehall girl Mariana will secretly take Isabel's place in bed. The trick is successful, but Angelo nevertheless keeps Momaday's sentence. Mayor Gatt returns and prepares to retake his authority. Angelo is called before the townsfolk. Can Isabel stop the proceedings and get justice for her brother?

This dramatic re-telling of Euripides' The Trojan Women tells the story of a family fighting for survival in the midst of a mysterious plague. Neil is a passionate white activist and advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. Jesse is an introspective black playwright coming to terms with his own activism, or lack thereof. As racial tensions mount with the extrajudicial killings of black men throughout the country, the young gay couple is forced to contend with the politics of their love in these turbulent times. Set in Paris, this comedy revolves around the friendship between Alexander Pushkin and Alexandre Dumas pere during a wild 12 hours of drinking, poetry, love-making and wrestling with their African heritage.

A young Sudanese woman meets an African-American doctor who brings her to the U. Bonded by grief and personal loss, these women struggle to heal, find peace, and find the courage to love again. America v. The troupe finds themselves at odds with the state of their own existences while being painfully oblivious to the parallels and intersections their lives draw to that of the very Negroes whose story they are bound to tell. As this oblivion fades and they are faced with their stark reality, this day in the life of actors becomes a day of reckoning.

At a church-sponsored halfway house in Southern Appalachia, a progressive high-school English teacher with a rage problem attends to everyone's recovery but her own. Jonathan Mills, Paradigm Talent Agency. A young gay American soldier, Kyle, returns from Afghanistan after losing his left leg to an IED and suffering genital mutilation from the blast. This type of injury has become the signature wound of the war, which soldiers have started referring to as This play is a raw exploration of the physical and emotional toll of our returning soldiers and how they navigate their way through another minefield — returning home.

Diversity categories: sexual orientation, physical and cognitive ability. Told with Andrew's typical economy, humanity and honesty, MERMAID examines the fluidity of labels, gender, sexuality, and the way our beliefs are tested when hypotheticals become realities that land too close to home. Marti, a self-made landlord, and her new tenant, Christine, strike up a complicated relationship in this compelling world premiere by Sharyn Rothstein that examines our current affordable housing crisis. Faced with impossible dilemmas of fairness versus kindness, honesty or eviction, these two women reveal the vulnerability as well as the ingenuity of people who know the value of having a home, and the threat of losing one.

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On the day of a much anticipated speech by Rosa Parks during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, four activists working in a Virginia civil rights office wonder whether the proclamation of equality amongst mankind includes women. Told like a West African Folktale, this play centers on four girls and the idea of what beautiful means. Things spiral out of control.

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Mark Orsini, Bret Adams Ltd. As he and his well-meaning collaborators try to stage his script, things go quickly and hilariously from bad to worse. In an Imperial Harem in India in the 17th Century, a young female bodyguard wakes to the oppression in her midst and decides to do something about it.

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Come for the skullduggery and stay for the swordplay in a mythic, swashbuckling action-romance for the ages. And someone may be listening Philomena is a pregnant slave woman assisting her owner, Dr. George Barry, as he tries to find the cure for fistulas. Everything changes when she has to become one of his patients. This is a play based on the story of Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey and Dr.

How I became a victim of a modern slavery gang

J Marion Sims. Lipstick is a silly, sweet farce with a heart of gold and a drawer full of sex toys. Anna has invited Kelly over for dinner, but is it a date? Or just hanging out? How could Anna know?! Is Kelly even gay?! Kelly wears earrings AND boots! Hijinks, of course, ensue, in this play-shaped love letter to the queer community.

A soldier waits for another to come home. They were teacher and student once. A town waits, too, deep in the heart of coal country, while the one who roams wrestles with what home even means. A story about the stories we tell ourselves, the songs we sing to get by, and the maps we make of our warring lives. You pick through trash, you are trash, says someone.

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How do you find your worth in a land that tells you otherwise? This is the ballad of the hurting kind — those displaced from their homes, looking for work and sent to places in the middle of the country to make their way. You live in a place that reeks of gasoline. You run on fuel. How are you gonna know who you are, then? This is the story of Baby and their people living in a town left for dead. This is also the ballad of Baby and Girl in this here mad America. A trans love story for dark times. In the Santos home, an alligator stalks, a mother talks to her car, a prodigal daughter binges on cereal, a devoted son raises lizards, and a neighbor's dog vanishes.

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Funny, surreal and strange, Decapitations is a ghost story exploring multi-racial Filipino identity in the wilds of central Florida. Seneca follows the story of Seneca Village, a town of freed slaves and immigrants in the mids, that once stood where modern day Central Park now stands. Bridgette, the town Governess, and her precocious children are surprised by the mid-day arrival of Rose and Lawrence, a runaway family sent on the Underground Railroad.

In present day, a attractive interracial gay couple, Jon and Todd, are headed out on their monthly date to Central Park. The music of the two worlds blends, bends, and collides with one another as the play continues. Seneca is a historical fictive play that explores blackness, freedom, and the ever rising situation of gentrification within many of our cities across America. Cora travels with her ailing, elderly father and constantly complaining sister to Liberia for the inauguration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

During the trip, their father--suffering from dementia--befriends a former child soldier and gets lost in one of the largest and most dangerous slums in the world. Cora, her sister, and some new friends must do everything they can to find him. Kirsten is the youngest state senator in Texas history and is about to announce her candidacy for governor. Can she toe the middle line? Be all things to all people? Keep everyone from falling in love with her gardener? Turning Texas Blue is a farce about the all-too-real insanity around debates over immigration, gay rights, north and south, red and blue.

The touching and comic story of two inner-city African American garbage-men, Darnell and Cedric in 's Cleveland Ohio.