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August 26 , We have spent the last four weeks meditating on the sixth chapter of St. You have words of eternal life" come as a true consolation and hope.

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  3. To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. - Saint Francis Parish.

I remember that in my youth, when I was searching for meaning in my life and at the beginning of my religious vocation, these words of the Prince of Apostles gave me the confidence to continue on the path of God. Today, 36 years since I joined the Jesuits, these very same words are still a source of consolation and hope in the God who is "always greater.

That is, we must decide what to believe and who we want to follow. Where shall we go? There has never been anyone like you, Jesus. No one ever taught like you teach.

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No one ever loved like you love. This is how thousands of people come to Christ. Not without tremendous struggles as they look around for a philosophy of life, a god, a world without God, a world without the sovereignty of God, a world with some kind of explanation that makes more sense of more things.

And how do they come back? How do you come to that point? How do you come to the decisive point of laying it down?

I surrender. I have seen enough of his Christmas purpose and his Good Friday love and his Easter sovereignty. I have seen enough.

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I will not sit on this fence any longer looking frantically for another God. Another worldview. Another philosophy of life. A better Savior. A better Lord. A better Treasure. A better friend. Another Master. How does that happen? And the instrument that he uses is the words of Jesus. My words are spirit and life.


They do this by displaying myself and my work in Christmas and on the cross. And the Spirit works through my words illumining your mind and your heart so that you see me as more precious than anything else in the world. You have seen the glory of the only Son from the Father full of grace and truth.

You have seen the glory of his birth, and the glory of his death for your sins. And you have received grace upon grace.

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  • You are spiritually alive. And you believe! It was the Spirit that gave you this life.

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    And Jesus will keep you. You will not go away from him.

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    And he will not go away from you. That is what it means to have eternal life.

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    • And a very merry Christmas. About Donate. You Have the Words of Eternal Life. A New and Unique Witness to the Truth What was the effect of the truth that Jesus witnessed to with his words and his whole person? He Came to Die How does that liberation happen?

      "To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life"(John 6:68).

      Series Icon. Email Filled. Get Desiring God in Your Inbox A nightly brief of new resources, and peeks behind the scenes from our editorial team Subscribe. This is the way of justice, solidarity and commitment to building a society and a future worthy of the human person. May every community always have a priest to celebrate the Eucharist! I ask the Lord therefore to raise up from among you many holy vocations to the priesthood. Today as always the Church needs those who celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice with a pure heart. The world must not be deprived of the gentle and liberating presence of Christ living in the Eucharist!

      Let the Eucharist mould your life and the life of the families you will form. May the Eucharist, the true and living presence of the love of the Trinity, inspire in you ideals of solidarity, and may it lead you to live in communion with your brothers and sisters in every part of the world. In a special way, may sharing in the Eucharist lead to a new flourishing of vocations to the religious life. In this way the Church will have fresh and generous energies for the great task of the new evangelization.

      Did he not assure those who had left everything for his sake that they would have a hundredfold in this life and eternal life hereafter? Mk I look to this Church which in every age is made youthful by the Spirit of Christ and today is made happy by your intentions and commitment.

      I look to the future and make my own the words of an ancient prayer, which sings the praise of the one gift of Jesus, the Eucharist and the Church:. To you be glory in every age!

      Just as this bread now broken was wheat scattered far and wide upon the hills and, when harvested, became one bread, so too let your Church be gathered into your kingdom from the far ends of the earth You, O Lord almighty, have created the universe to the glory of your name; you have given people food and drink for their comfort, so that they may give you thanks; but to us you have given a spiritual food and drink and eternal life through your Son Glory be to you for ever!

      Pius X " He also exhorted catechists to prepare the young for an early, knowledgeable reception of the Eucharist. Rose of Lima " Bartholomew, Apostle "Many scholars